The next generation of acupuncture has arrived. But this time without needles. For over two decades, Omarian Atman, founder of Accu Light Wellness™ has been using Light and Color to enhance Beauty and wellness with a new dimension of holistic medicine. Since 1922 researchers have proven that every cell within your body uses Light to communicate with one another. Accu light gently focuses Light and color on Acupoints on the skin's surface. Within minutes this method helps eliminate free radical damage while restoring the natural organic software within cells needed to activate dormant and advanced DNA functions. This aids people to move through health concerns within days rather than weeks or months while looking and feeling younger. Private sessions with Omarian Atman include but are not limited to: Skin Rejuvenation, Pain Management, PTS Reduction, Organ Detoxing, Lymph Drainage, Sleep Aid, Hormonal Balancing, Addiction/Conflict Resolution, prenatal Trauma, mental emotional and spiritual Issues.

Neck and Shoulder Pain


"I have had painful chronic muscle spasms in my shoulders and left the side of my Neck for over seven years. Doctors did not know how to stop it and put me on muscle relaxers and painkillers that only slightly affected the pain, which would last for only two hours. Then I met Omarian Atman. My wife and I said what the heck no one has been able to help so why not this Man a try. Well, let's just say that Acu Light Wellness is the best decision I made in years. After just three sessions I don’t take meds anymore. It has helped me, and I know it will help you too."


  -- Joseph C.

      Navy Seal

"The same way NASA edits the discoveries of known space to civilian viewers so too does the medical industry when it comes to the miraculous inner functions of your body."

~Omarian Atman


For Beginners

1. Ready to step into the brighter side of health and wellness? Our evaluation system and designed to discover the roots of undesirable health issues while finding the correct path for your health goals and/or enhancing your current balanced healthy state.


The evaluation includes one two hour evaluation and one two hour Accu Light Wellness advanced session.

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Choosing the right Accu Light Wellness session for you.


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